We Run

JaF programs are annual Village Video Festival (VVF), biannual Jatiwangi Residency Festival (JRF) and triannual Ceramic Music Festival (CMF). All of these programs invite art and cultural practitioner from various disciplines and countries to live, interact, work together with the villagers in order to feel the livelihood of Jatiwangi’s rural society. These people are invited to experiment, formulate and create something with the existing society that will later on be presented to many people or, in other words, tested out together.


Village Video Festival is an annual video residency festival organized by Jatiwangi art factory and Sundayscreen. This festival invites artists and non-artists who have passion in exploring new media to stay and collaborate with Jatiwangi’s residents. Participants will sharpen their vision through advocacy in the form of workshops tutored by invited practitioners, such as: video artists, researchers, filmmakers, and visual communication experts. The expected result of this tutorial method is a kind to formulate a new district remapping in the form of video, also as a strategy to communicate policy in creative ways.


Jatiwangi Residency Festival is a bi-annual festival in the concept of guest-host relationship context. Participating artists will have an opportunity to experience the life, traditions and culture of the people of Jatiwangi and, in turn, to share their own cultural backgrounds and perspectives as artists with their hosts. During the period of residency, artists will collaborate with their hosts and other artists to create new works of art for the festival event. Artists and villagers will have an opportunity to showcase their talents and encouraged to use materials available from Jatiwangi.


Ceramic Music Festival (CMF) is a landmark of the emergence of a new culture in Jatiwangi: Music from clay-based instruments or, simply, ceramic music. Held by the people of Jatiwangi and JaF, the official opening ceremony of CMF 2012 was marked with more than 1500 people of Jatiwangi beating rooftiles in the Rampak 1001 Perkusi Genteng (1001 Rooftile Percussion Orchestra). Involving people from all 16 villages in the Jatiwangi district, the orchestra simply become a movement. Along with JaF and the district government apparatus (district chief, police chief, chiefs of the villages, etc), more than 3000 Jatiwangi people declared the JATIWANGI PLEDGE and sang JATIWANGI HYMN as a collective promise to uphold the Jatiwangi’s culture from time to time. CMF is then decided to become a triennial event of Jatiwangi. It will be hold for the second time in the coming 2015.